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Health & Safety Training

Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) – Food & Drink Sector Day (Renewal)

This course is aimed at contractors, employees or casual workers who work in food and drink manufacturing.

Duration: 1 day(s)

Assessment Method: Exam Paper

Course Content:

The course is the sector-specific day following on from the Core Day in relation to working within the food and...

The course is the sector-specific day following on from the Core Day in relation to working within the food and drink industry. The course provides specific health, safety and environmental training which is essential when working in the food and drink sector. The course aims to:

  • To provide basic information and areas of responsibility for health, safety and the environment.
  • To understand the implications of hazard recognition/risk assessment and effects on individuals and the employer.
  • To demonstrate how individual behaviour can help reduce accidents.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course delegates will have the knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects by successfully completing each module assessment paper
  • Appreciate how they personally can influence good standards within health, safety & the environment
  • Understand the value of risk assessment and have the knowledge to recognise when change to a generic assessment is required
  • Understand the common hazards associated with work.

Course Content

MODULE 1 – The Importance of the Food and Drink Industry to the UK

This introduces the concept that the food and drink industry is vital to the UK economy and stretches over several industry sectors including farming, food and drink production, transportation, distribution and storage, retail and consumers.

MODULE 2 – Types and Effects of Food and Drink Contamination

This module examines the four principal methods in which food might be contaminated through Chemical, Physical, Biological and Allergenic effects.

MODULE 3 – Food and Drink Safety Controls

The session looks at legal requirements as well as best practices. HACCP and Best Practices are investigated in this module.

MODULE 4 – Environmental Protection

The session highlights how the food and drink industry can affect the environment and what con tractors can do to minimize the impact.

MODULE 5 – Health and Safety

Candidates will be shown key areas of concern within the food and drink sector and what they can do to minimise the risks posed to them and to others.

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