Ted Lowe has spent over 50 years in the electrical engineering industry with over 40 of those at senior management level. Having spent 35 years working with large multi-disciplined organisations, in 1994 he established the Lowe Group of Companies which grew over a period of some 14 years to employ 230 people with a turnover of approximately £20m. The Lowe Group was a widely diverse organisation encompassing some 11 companies which could operate jointly or severally. Over time this structure was rationalised to become recognised as a brand leader in their theatre of operations. Over the years Ted has served as Chairman of the South Yorkshire Branch of the Electrical Contractors Association, he was a member of the Regional Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry, Chairman of the Electrical Electronic Industry Benevolent Association as well as creating the Electrical Industry Training and Enterprise organisation which was designed to provide seamless training to engineers within the electrical industry. The project was backed by the four Training and Enterprise Councils in South Yorkshire and the whole operation was co-ordinated by Ted and much valuable work was done over a 3 year period including the re-training of ex mining electricians to prepare them for a career within the electrical contracting industry. In year 2000 he was conferred with the prestigious National Contractor of the Year Award.