Many companies have policies in place that restrict access to electrical control panels and distribution boards to competent persons only. For some, those policies are sacrosanct, and anyone disobeying them are strictly dealt with. For others, the policy is applied most of the time, but when supervisory cover is reduced, and production demands are at their greatest, such policies are often forgotten about. Where non-electrical persons are required to gain entry into panels for first-level breakdown intervention we have a Control Panel Entry course that allows attendees to identify tripped circuit breakers and overload devices and, after carrying out a basic visual check, reset that device on one occasion to restore supply. The course is very much safety focussed and clearly sets out the boundaries in which a person may operate and at what point it is necessary to escalate the incident to a competent authority. The focus of the course is on safety, both of the individual and fellow workers and the dangers associated with electricity are illustrated at every opportunity. After completing training at ESUK, your operatives will be better placed to gain entry into panels safely for basic first-line breakdowns.