The NEW 2018 IEEE 1584 – Changes | New Arc Flash Calculations | How it Affects Europe

Join the Electrical Safety UK team and our sponsors at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport on Tuesday 24th September from 9am for this years Arc Flash International Conference.

Our keynote speaker, Jim Phillips will walk you through Arc Flash calculations and more specifically how the 2018 edition is used in arc flash studies.

The full day session will also cover a host of other Arc Flash hazard and safety topics.

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This unique conference is a superb event which pushes the boundaries of all arc flash conferences previously delivered in the UK. The program and expertise on offer will establish current best practice and provide ground breaking information to assist professionals in all sectors of industry in the management of the arc flash hazard.

Conference Agenda


Take a deep dive into the NEW 2018 Edition of IEEE 1584 with Jim Phillips as he shows you how to perform arc flash calculations and arc flash studies based on the latest edition of this landmark standard.  After 16 years in the making, this second edition changes every thing you thought you knew about arc flash calculations and studies.

You will solve many in-class problems using Jim’s calculation worksheets based on the NEW 2018 IEEE 1584.  Learn how to perform intermediate and final calculations of incident energy, arcing current and arc flash boundary as well as enclosure size correction factor, arcing current variation correction factor calculations and much more!

– Overview of changes to the 2018 Edition
– Arc Flash circuit dynamics and testing
– Electrode Orientation VCB, VCBB, HCB, VOA, HOA
– Enclosure size correction factors for different sizes
– New Interpolation Method for improved accuracy.
– Working distances, gaps and arc duration
– New Incident energy and Arc Flash boundary calculations
– Arcing current variation factor
– And Much More – Full agenda available upon registration

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More About Jim Phillips

Vice Chair of IEEE 1584 and International Chair of the IEC TC78 Live Working Committee.

For over 35 years, Jim has been helping tens of thousands of people around the world understand electrical power system design, analysis and safety. Having taught over 2500 seminars during his career to people from all seven continents, he has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainers and public speakers in the electric power industry. For more information about Jim’s work, visit

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